BBC2 - The Millionaire's Gift Guide

20 December 2015 - 2 minute read

I just finished filming an amazing show for BBC 2 - The Millionaires Gift Guide. 

In all honesty, I've been very very lucky to be involved in such a great project that involves some amazing service providers. 

The show details the goings on of individuals who provide services to big spenders and acts as a fly on the wall view of us at work.

On the show there was an incredibly fortune opportunity to film a client of mine completing on a very large transaction for 'The Most Expensive Fabric On Earth' - Vicuna and a unique creation of the clients name, written in platinum and woven into a pinstripe, something we have very rarely been asked for! To accompany the suit cloths my client wanted to purchase a set of watches. This offered a very rare opportunity to order some very exclusive time pieces.

Here's some shots from the making of the show;



Daniel Johnson

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