The world's most expensive suit?

23 September 2016 - 2 minute read

I love suits, I love British Tailoring and it's history, the look on the wearer and the prestige it holds. But what about when you combine all this heritage with sheer luxury and exclusive fabrics?

You might just end up with the worlds most expensive suit.

Back in January 2016 I appeared on BBC 2's Millionaires gift guide, a show that took a peak in to the world of London's luxury bespoke suppliers. I received a commission from a client for 2 bespoke suit cloths and 2 matching watches. Granted, this is an unusual request to get from a client who I've never met; and when I asked about the budget my mind was blown.

Forget diamond encrusted cloth being the most expensive in the world, just imagine pure cloth, made from one of the worlds rarest animals; Vicuna (don't worry they aren't harmed, they roam free in South America). The cloth is known as the fabric of the Gods for its softness and luxurious warmth. So what happened when I introduced my client to vicuna? Maybe the most expensive suit I've ever known.

Watch the video to see what happens when wealth is no object;

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson is a Menswear Personal Stylist in London, focusing on efficient and convenient service in his homely Mayfair Studio.. Learn more here.





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