Concierge Service

Our concierge service completely manages your current wardrobe, finds and delivers the garments you need and alters them to fit. Just tell us where to meet you.

  • Fully Assessed Wardrobe, photographed in outfits
  • New clothes chosen and delivered on request
  • Alterations of garments taken care of
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Concierge Service

Our concierge styling service recognises that you're far too busy to shop for clothes, because you need to invest your time elsewhere. All you need to do is pick up the phone or send us an email if you need holiday clothes, business travel garments, casual clothes... 

We start with an initial consultation where we learn all about you and the lifestyle that you lead. We start to assess the best brands, colours, styles and overall look that best fits for you as an individual.

We assess your current wardrobe, sort the good from the rest and photograph the combinations we put together for you. We build your personal shopping list that will provide a complete functional wardrobe and follow up with your first styling session to discover new brands and how best to alter your clothes. 

How It Works

  1. Click to book your desired service
  2. We arrange a date that suits you
  3. Relax as your stylist takes care of everything
Concierge Service — £POA Book Now

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